India is a dynamic land, rich in culture and diversity. One vital facet of our heritage is its numerous traditional art forms which includes handicraft furniture designed and manufactured in Jodhpur. If you want your furniture to be modern, classic, elegant, and have the traditional Indian blend, Jodhpur Designs is the place to look up to.

The mix of lavish engravings, detailing and precision gives your home the unique style it must have. Each home décor piece tells a story about the lifestyle you live and about the place. Jodhpur Designs help you write the tale of your home with a variety of home décor pieces and furniture. We have a wide catalogue which you can go through both online and in the store located in Sydney, Australia. A diverse range of furniture for industrial and residential use can be found here and satisfy your needs. The furniture you buy should serve the purpose you want it for, should be durable and makes your room look spacious. Handcrafted wooden furniture has the quality and the strength to last longer and its design makes it perfect for your space constraints. From a basic need like coasters to wall decors Jodhpur Designs is a place where the traditional furniture integrates with the modern day technologies gives the most elegant picture one can imagine.

Even they are traditional and bound to history, Jodhpur handicrafts designs seem always fresh and with a new essence each time you start exploring. Use of a variety of colours and constant experiments with designs keeps the crisp alive. The engravings and detailing reflects the ancient culture of Rajasthan which tells more about the heritage life being lived here. Even though it takes you to history, the Traditional Furniture is as modern as your lifestyle can be. The view of this ancient-modern mixture can be seen in the interior accessories available at Jodhpur Designs. You can visit us both online and in store for all the queries and confusions you have regarding how to choose the most exquisite form of décor, you can also chat with the experts online through our website for more information.