If you look beyond the harsh fluorescent bulbs or overhead lights, you'll find a calm yet illuminating radiance, that's a dim yet brightening hum of a lantern. Lanterns and candles make the vibe warm, cozy, and the aura calms your heart, focuses your mind and energizes you.

A room lit with candle lights and lanterns has something exquisite about itself, but from a time when these were the only light sources to a modern day scenario where they don't light up our world anymore, Jodhpur Designs brings the iron lantern and candle holders which you can use to enhance your interiors and even your lives. We make sure that choose these sources over lamps and bulbs for your bedroom, dining, backyard or maybe gardens.

Lanterns add the glow from the corners and the focused candle lights exalt the romance in the surrounding. These two decorative items can be used indoors or out and absolutely almost all the places, for example, staircase, garden rails, study tables, tiered on and around different corners.

Lantern and candle holders by Jodhpur Designs are easy to move and clean as they're made of metal and can stand a bit of wear and tear. You can use them for guiding pathways around your place, in restaurants, wedding & festive decorations, etc..

Speaking of which, As Christmas is near and we know you want it to be lit. So, explore the latest iron home decor at Jodhpur Designs, lantern holders and candle holders to be specific and brighten your homes.

Lanterns take you back into memories, dreams, and tales. Remember little red riding hood? or Captain Hook? or maybe Chronicles of Narnia! All the search is of no use without a lantern. Saving electricity simultaneously having a lavish look, lanterns are a win-win equation for you. Plus they're not a fire hazard like an open flame and aren't blown away by winds. Focus light on your bigger decor items with candles and lanterns and also beautify their radiance through the holders from Jodhpur Designs online store. These are a very functional piece of decors and are not just another dead interior as they pour lighting. Illuminate yourself inside out with the decorative holders exclusively handcrafted in India. Buy now at Jodhpur Designs. Follow the link: www.jodhpurdesigns.com.au